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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Lists! Lists! Lists!

  • Only an hour of tape left to make notes on for the Sean Ward piece
  • Got some halfway decent Silver Snail tape
  • Heard back from Brian from the polka band. He thinks the idea is "a blast," and I'm tentatively scheduled to sit in on a polka jam in early November
  • Lost a Polka Dot Door contact; will have to find another
  • Gary Gould's CBC friend Joe Mahoney returned my email. Will call him tomorrow to arrange for a coffee meeting.
  • I will be job shadowing CBL's Geoff Ellwand sometime soon
  • I will be having coffee with Joe Cummings this coming Tuesday
To do:
  • Contact someone from 680 re: job shadowing
  • Start/finish this McGettigan paper
  • Get my Hey Jude MIDI assignment done
Exciting product accouncements:
  • XM Radio's MyFi: "wearable" satellite radio with HDD for recording
  • Apple's iPod Photo: still no decent recording capabilities. Plus, Canadian ITMS by early November.


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