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Monday, February 21, 2005

RSS for Journalists

If you're not preaching the RSS gospel yet, perhaps Jonathan Dube's RSS for Journalists article will help convert you.

CBC to get major boost in budget

Opened the paper this morning to some potentially good news: CBC to get major boost in budget:
The CBC will get a multimillion-dollar boost when the federal budget is tabled Wednesday, CP has learned. The extra cash will be enough to restore local programs, notably regional newscasts, a senior government source said on condition of anonymity.
Here's hoping that somewhere in those first 34 million dollars there's some money to give me some regional backfill work this summer.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

"The Future of Podcasting" articles

Via Radio Marketing Nexus, an interesting set of articles called The Future of Podcasting. Contributors include Dave Slusher, Tim Bourquin, RMN's Mark Ramsey, Michael Geoghegan, and Michael Butler. Here's the full lineup. Technorati tags: ,

Friday, February 11, 2005

Polka is still hot

I receive Al's Morning Meeting every weekday morning, and I think it's a great resource. This morning, he talks about the Polka Grammy (it's the second item), and suggests some polka-related stories. My suspicions have been confirmed. Polka is where it's at. Technorati tags: , ,

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'm going to Vancouver for Outfront

I'm going on a road trip. A trip from Vancouver to Banff to return a stolen headstone to its original cemetery. I am, of course, bringing my tape recorder and making a doc for my senior practicum. Plus, today I got the good news from Steve Wadhams that I'll be producing the whole thing for Outfront. Technorati tags: radio, cbc,

Monday, February 07, 2005

Hopefully, more on this later

I'm pacing around my apartment, full of nervous energy, my mind spinning. I just got off the telephone with Patrick Watson. Yes, the Patrick Watson. Tomorow, an interview with David Carroll and iNews training at the CBC.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Listen for me on DNTO this Saturday

Yesterday I went down to the CBC to track narration for my polka dot piece. The whole thing took less than fifteen minutes. I did a read of my script, handed over my clips, shook Nick's hand, and was out of there. This is the first piece I've done for the CBC where I haven't actually cut everything together myself in Dalet. Though I had less control over the final product, I guess I'll get to hear it with fresh ears when it airs. So then, tune into CBC Radio One this Saturday afternoon between 3 and 4 (your local time) to hear me talk for a few minutes about polka dots. Sadly, the DNTO email preview got my name wrong:
>From 3-4 Exhausted from all that uncrating, Sook-Yin returns to her cosy CBC studio. Caelum Vatnsdal takes a stab at uncanning the heat with a look at Naughty Calypso. Kim Linekin finds the best steamy movies for us. Jude Kelly has a hot hot hot music tip with a tune from Cache. We make someone's dream come true with another installment of Indie Artist of the Week. Comedian Stewart Francis brings the heat. We have more unlikely love songs. Dan Meisner tells us all about the polka dot. It's weird, but hot. And oh! The music. Not live, but still good: Blondie, Prince Charles (not THAT Prince Charles), Eccodek and America. Because we are eclectic.

CBC seeks another $75 million to reinstate regional programming

Via the beta MSN search RSS feed for "cbc radio" comes the news that
A quartet of CBC executives is scheduled to appear before the Commons heritage committee Thursday morning where a recent request for millions of dollars in extra government funding to reinstate regional and local programming is expected to surface.
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